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ATI caters to students from all over the Rogue Valley accepting inter-district transfers and students currently enrolled in the Phoenix-Talent School District in grades 9-12.  Becoming a student at ATI is a three step process (orientation, interview, intake). 


***Online Orientation: If you are unable to attend orientation please contact us at***

Summer Dates:



Following the orientation, interested students and families will be interviewed by a staff member to determine an individualized learning plan. Please bring an unofficial transcript to this meeting and proof of health insurance. 


Intake begins the day a student completes their interview and ends when they have completed all intake work, demonstrated their ability to attend school regularly, and show that they are capable of being safe and appropriate at school. The average student completes intake in about two weeks. Intake allows staff to get to know new students, identify their strengths and areas for growth so that they are well situated for success at ATI. To learn more about intake and attending ATI please attend orientation.

Space is limited, apply soon. 

Please contact us or  by phone at 541-535-3287 for further information. 

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