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20-21 school year FAQ – English

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Enrolling students for 20-21 school year!

Lets Create and Grow Together

 ATI is an intentionally small, highly personalized educational program that offers creative, individualized instruction. With high academic standards, our students are held accountable for achieving their own personal goals and success. At ATI, attitude is everything. Students are expected to take their education seriously, attend daily and bring a willingness to learn.
ATI is a public charter school providing Oregon state diplomas and is accredited through:
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Our Mission

Student and Parent Information

At ATI it is our differences that unite us. ATI’s unique and diversified culture of staff and students creates an environment of acceptance, camaraderie, and accountability that enables students to grow, build confidence and learn.  Serving grades 9-12                                          

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  • We now offer a GED Program for those who qualify. All interested applicants will need to complete a placement interview to determine their eligibility.

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Online Orientation

If you are unable to attend orientation please contact us at

Summer Orientation Dates:

July 15th at 3:45

August 5th at 3:45

August 26th


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