Staff and Teachers Painting ACCS

Our Beginning

Armadillo Logo


​In 1999, a group of educators had a vision to create a public charter school designed to meet the individualized learning needs of the Rogue Valley’s youth. They wanted to emphasize career development, a diverse and creative curriculum, special education, professional counseling and employ tools to assist students with social and interpersonal development.

Our founders secured a grant and Armadillo Technical Institute opened its doors on August 28th, 2000 to 18 students and 4 teachers. In 2023, Armadillo rebranded to Armadillo Community Charter School, embracing our mission to fully integrate and become one with the community in which we serve.

Today, ACCS enrolls a maximum of 120 students in grades 9-12, and has graduated hundreds. We strive to keep our teachers and our curriculum as uniquely interesting, cutting-edge, and captivating as the students we teach.