Community Data Sharing

Community Data Sharing

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SIA Summary: The Student Investment Act (SIA) allocates state funds to help schools invest in strategies to help traditionally underserved students find more success in school in a few ways. SIA funding could support Student Mental Health and Safety, Reduced Class Sizes, Well Rounded Education (learning during school), or Increased Instructional Time (adding experiences outside of the school day such as clubs). ATI asked for input from students, staff, families, and community partners and we heard from our school community that we need to prioritize Student Mental Health & Safety and Well Rounded Education. Based on those priorities ATI will use our SIA funds to 1) contract with LaClinica to provide a full time mental health counselor and a part time school based health clinic nurse; 2) contract with Project Youth+ to provide a person who will focus on building community partnerships and internship opportunities for hands-on credit earning experiences that expand the learning opportunities at ATI; 3) fund quarterly credit earning field studies (community-based  or service-learning experiences) that expand on coursework or student interest for all students at ATI.