Billy Haden is a Licensed Clinical Therapist that has joined us from La Clinica.
He is available in the ATI Counseling Center
Monday - Friday.
Feel free to call 
541-897-5011 if you have any questions or
would like to schedule an appointment.

1.Various levels of counseling are available at ATI through partnership with LaClinica and Phoenix Counseling.

2.The ATI Team may require a student to participate in counseling as part of a support plan if they have a chronic behavioral issues (such as anger management) that could not be resolved through other interventions. In addition, ATI may require a student to undergo a chemical dependency assessment if they have violated the Drug & Alcohol Policy - this assessment can be provided through Phoenix Counseling, or guardians may obtain these services through another community resource at their own expense.

3.Schools and social service agencies face many important and complex youth confidentiality issues. Situations arise which involve the interpretation of state and federal laws and regulations. Some will require a legal opinion. It is not within the scope of this handbook to address these complex issues. The following description is limited to the aspects of school policy and procedure, youth record-keeping, and confidentiality.

4. All counseling services are provided by trained staff who work under clinical supervision. Counseling services provided to the students by ATI are funded by Insurance or Oregon Health Plan (if available), and through grants and State School Funds: There is no cost to families of AT/ students.

5.If for some reason a student is unable to make a set appointment, you are requested to notify the counselor AT LEAST 24-HOURS IN ADVANCE.

6.Any information divulged by a student or his/her family in the course of treatment will be held in strictest confidence and will not be divulged by Armadillo Technical Institute to any person or agency without the student's written permission, with the exception of:

  • Statements made of intentions to commit suicide or homicide.

  • Statements indicating that child abuse has been or intends to be committed.

  • Information about you that would facilitate treatment in a medical emergency.

  • If ATI staff is subpoenaed to testify in court, confidential information may have to be provided without client permission. This occurs only in a small number of cases, usually when there is a child custody or parental rights termination hearing.

7.Counselors are required by law to notify authorities if students are believed to be a danger to self or others. If we believe a student is in danger of hurting him/herself, we may need to make a referral to another agency. If we believe that a student may harm another person, we are mandated to inform the intended victim of the threat, as well as, the police department.

8.We are required by Oregon law to report child abuse.: 1) unnecessary physical force; 2) sexual advances; 3) denial of food, clothing or shelter. Child abuse is reported in order to protect students should they return home, to be sure the guardians receive treatment if they are abusive, and to protect other youth living in the home.

9.All counselors are required to review with potential youth the "Counseling Policy and Confidentiality Disclaimer Form" and to obtain "Informed Consent" from youth and/or families before proceeding in counseling services sponsored by ATI.

Youth under Age 14:

We MUST have written consent from parents or guardians to provide ANY services. To seek or release youth information, we must have written consent from the youth and parents/guardians.

Youth Ages 14 through 18:

We prefer to have written consent from parents/guardians to provide services. However, if parents/guardians refuse to allow consent, the adolescent may participate (ORS 109.675) and the parents/guardians will not be obligated financially. Phoenix Counseling records will document parental/guardian refusal and program goals will be directed toward cultivating parental/guardian consent and involvement except in the following circumstances:
a) If a youth demands that their parents/guardians not be informed of their participation. However, project goals will be directed      toward parental/guardian consent and involvement, unless there is a clear indication to not do so (such as with a minor youth who has been sexually abused by a parent).
b) An emancipated minor (whether emancipated under the provisions of ORS 109.510 and 109.520 or 419B.550 to 419B.558) or emancipated by virtue of having lived apart from the parents or legal guardian while being self-sustaining for a period of 90 days prior to obtaining treatment.
c) Counselors are legally and ethically required to keep all information disclosed strictly confidential within the ATI Team. Sometimes it may be necessary to discuss a situation with other service providers and agencies. Before this happens, we will need written permission from the student and parent/guardians by signing an, "Authorization to Release Confidential lnformation" form. In the case of youth receiving services without parental/guardian knowledge or consent, information may be shared with only the youth's written consent.

It is Armadillo Technical Institute’s goal to provide high quality counseling services to all persons without regard to race, religion, sex, ethnicity, age, disability, HIV status, sexual orientation, or ability to pay. If you have questions or concerns about our services or the counseling process in general, please let your counselor know. If you continue to have questions or concerns, you may contact your Team Leader or one of the other
Staff Members.