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Overview & FAQ

Armadillo Community Charter School is a free public charter high school that provides a supported alternative to traditional high school for students in grades 9-12 throughout the Rogue Valley.

Mission: We work together to equip people to accomplish their goals through community, equity, adaptability, and creativity. 

  1. Who can attend? Any student in grades 9-12

  2. What programs do you offer?   

    1. Oregon Diploma, Modified Oregon Diploma, Extended Oregon Diploma: these are the same diplomas that any other accredited high school in Oregon offers

    2. GED: students must be 16, at least a year behind in credits or have a significant barrier to high school completion, demonstrate at least an 8th grade reading level

    3. FLEX: an online/hybrid version where students have the option to attend on campus classes as needed, but can complete most of their work online

  3. How is ACCS different?

    1. Our policies are modeled after the ways responsible and respectful adults work together. This only works if we are all willing to be kind to each other and consider how our actions impact other people.  

    2. We focus on mental health and well being. If a student is struggling they are encouraged to use strategies that help them and don’t hurt others. These might include mindfulness, short breaks, checking in with their Team Leader...all in an effort to reset and get back in the game. 

    3. ACCS has small class sizes with an average of 15 students per class.

    4. ACCS is a small school community of 80-100 students.

    5. Everyone has their own plan and path. We work to be fair (everyone has what they need) but that doesn’t mean that everyone is doing the same thing. 

    6. ACCS uses a variety of learning and credit earning models

    7. Teacher instructed in-person classes (all core subjects)

      1. Flipped classes: new instruction via video at home, practice with teachers at school

      2. Proficiency based: demonstrate the skill or knowledge to earn the credit

      3. Edmentum: computer based courses in all subject areas to accelerate credit earning

      4. CLEP: College Level Exam Program - free online courses prepare students for a college level exam to earn college and high school credit at the same time.

      5. Independent Projects: student designed projects aligned to standards and student interest, approved by staff and completed outside of school hours

      6. Paid / Volunteer Work: students submit logged time and periodic reflections to capture their real life learning. This may include internships.

      7. Partner Programs: Community partners facilitate learning in a special subject area such as construction.

    8. We do not assign homework. If a student needs extra time on an assignment they can take it home, but we plan for work to be done at school. 

    9. Alternative schedules are available with whole team input & collaboration.

  4. What is the schedule at ACCS?

    1. Students attend school 8:30-4:30 Tuesday-Friday​

      1. School calendar can be viewed or downloaded here: 2023-2024 School Calendar

  5. Community building at ACCS: 

    We intentionally build time for our school community to create connections and trust. This culture is critical important to the success of the individual student & the whole school. Students who actively, not passively, participate in culture building are more engaged with the school and therefore are more engaged with their academics. 

  6. Team: 

    Team is a daily class where a small group of students meet with a staff member who will typically work together all year. A Team Leader gets to know a student and their family, and is a family’s first point of contact at ACCS. Team Leaders monitor and coach student progress, help build community with their small group of students, and help a student and family find solutions when things aren’t working yet. Teams may have lessons about health and wellbeing, team building activities and games, life skills such as doing taxes, or time to catch up or earn additional credit. Students earn credit for this class. 

  7. Engagement Expectations:

    All students are expected to attend all classes each day with no less than 90% attendance and full participation in each class. This is not the place to sit and wait for someone to make you do a thing, this is a place to come and get things done. Families are expected to stay in touch, call us if a student is too sick to get out of bed and come to school, and attend all meetings for a student. Meetings may be family conferences where we are just updating everyone on the wins and opportunities, or support meetings where we are trying to find solutions together so that a student can reach their goals. 

  8. Can I just take classes at home? ACCS expects attendance in person on campus. Some learning may take place off campus like an internship or independent project, but we are not an online school so plan to be physically here. 

  9. Can we check out technology? Yes. Students may check out an ACCS Chromebook and/or hotspot with a $40 refundable deposit per piece of equipment. All equipment must be checked and updated at school each term. 

  10. Does ACCS have sports and other extracurricular activities?  

    1. We do not have sports teams, but students may try out for sports and participate in other extracurricular activities at their school of residence (the school they would attend based on where they live). Students attending charter schools have the right to participate, but must meet the same standards for participation set by the school for any student. 

    2. ACCS does have clubs based on the interests of students and staff. In recent years we have had Music club, Rock climbing club, Stitch Together (fiber arts club), and Leadership. 

  11. Do you bus students to school?  Students who live in the Phoenix-Talent school district may ride the PTS school buses if they live near an existing stop and will need to walk down from the High School. ACCS also provides a RVTD bus pass for every ACCS student during the school year.

  12. Are meals provided? Yes. Students can eat breakfast and lunch at ACCS. A limited selection of meals are made and delivered from Phoenix-High School. Students may also use kitchen facilities to make a lunch they bring from home or go off campus during the 40 minute lunch (as long as they return on time consistently).

  13. What other services are provided at ACCS?

    1. Counseling (mental health support)

    2. School Based Health Clinic 

    3. Fresh: On campus laundry facilities, extra clothing, personal care items

    4. College & Career Planning with Project Youth+

  14. ACCS is the place for me (my student)! How do I enroll (my student)?

    1. Attend orientation online, any time that works for you and your student

    2. Sign up for an interview following orientation to help us get to know you

    3. Complete all enrollment paperwork - found at Enroll at ACCS

    4. Pay your annual $50 student fee

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