Project Youth +

Project Youth +

At Project Youth+, we prepare low-income, first-generation, and under-represented youth to thrive in school, careers and life. We use resiliency development strategies personalized to meet the strengths, preferences, and challenges of each individual. Our goals include:

  • to support youth in learning about themselves and applying this self-awareness toward school and careers;

  • to help youth reach their full academic potential, and to prepare them for a successful transition from high school to college and the workforce;

  • to connect participants to the local partners that can best serve their academic and job placement objectives; and

  • to provide the financial training and support that participants need to achieve their savings goals.

If you are interested in joining one of our programs, please fill out our application or contact Tobin today!


Tobin Mikels
(he, him, his)
Career Build Project Coordinator
Project Youth+ (formerly College Dreams)

(541) 200-8090