Upcoming Opportunities

On September 16 & 17 Rogue Federal Credit Union Employees will be volunteering their time to paint & landscape.

We are seeking donations of:

Painting supplies

  • Pressure washer

  • 2-3 paint scrapers

  • 5-10 large paint brushes

  • 5-10 roller covers

  • 5-10 roller handles

  • 5-10 roller pans

  • Painters' tape

  • Ground cover/painters' cloth

Landscaping Supplies

  • Potting soil

    • 30 cubic feet or more

  • Perennial plants

    • Preferably drought resistant

    • Preferably native

  • 6-10 large decorative pots

  • Welcoming yard decorations

    • Armadillo theme encouraged


Schools thrive when community members are valued and share skills, time, and support.

If you have time, talent, or funds to contribute towards the success of our students we’d love to hear from you.

Our most urgent needs are:

  • Grant Writing (Development) – receiving only 90% of state schools funds per student leaves our school in need of more funding for the amazing non-traditional structure we offer. Do you have grant writing experience in non-profits?

  • Maintenance – are you a handy-person? Do you have a skill to share? Come and do some work on your own OR volunteer to teach a student or two the skill while helping our school shine.

  • Tutoring – Our GED program needs tutors to help our students progress in math, language arts (reading/writing), science, and social studies. Experience in teaching one of the aforementioned subjects (formal or informal) is required.

  • Board of Directors – our Board of Directors currently has open positions. Experience in small business, construction, law, development, or non-profit is needed. Passion for alternative education and a deeply held belief that all students are able to learn, grow, and achieve goals align with our mission, and are therefore necessary.

    Click here to learn more or apply to join our Board of Directors.​

Please email Rachel Garner at rachel.garner@armadillotech.org to discuss these or other possible volunteer opportunities.