SOU came to give students an alumni perspective and introduce the amazing opportunities available for Southern Oregon students. Our students will get the opportunity to go on a campus tour with ProjectYouth+ in December.
4 months ago, Rachel Garner
student reading a source pamphlet
students listening to sou presentation
Today at 10:19am students, along with 600,000 other Oregonians, took part in The Great American Shakeout. Practicing for an earthquake and evacuation.
4 months ago, Rachel Garner
1 student under desk
3 students under desk
students under desk
Field studies are the best studies! Celina's science class traveled to Bear Creek Park to spot spawning salmon in the creek & learn about the restoration along the creek that is preserving the salmon habitat. For more pictures visit the "spotlight" section of our homepage!
5 months ago, Rachel Garner
Celina & students standing in front of Bear Creek
Emerson's ELA Class had a 13-word scary story contest. Students then voted for the top 3 - here they are!
5 months ago, Rachel Garner
tombstone image with top 3 scary story winners
Eat cake and do a little Campus Care... FRIDAY 10/13/23 9:30am-12:30pm Help install a few planters, cut up brush for removal, lay down some ground cover and gravel all in preparation for the building reopening in just a few weeks. Enjoy some birthday cake with Summer & Brian too!
5 months ago, Armadillo Technical Institute
a plant ready to go in a hole in gravel next to a shovel
Come one, come all; students, caregivers, and community members, we want to hear from you! Please give us your feedback, we strive to always be growing and improving.
5 months ago, Rachel Garner
Short Survey & QR Codes
Check out the October Armadillo Newsletter!
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Page 1 October News
Page 2 October News
Drop In for Quarter 1 Conferences! This is a time to hear all the AMAZING things your student contributes to our school, meet the teachers, and have any questions answered. Come see us at the Phoenix Grange between 8-12 or 1-4:30 on October 2
5 months ago, Rachel Garner
Quarter 1 Conference Flyer
Our artists need your help bringing a favorite medium to art classes this term...gel pens! These pens are part of "Art for Wellbeing" class that merges creativity with self-care. Check out this Donors Choose project and share or contribute if you're able.
5 months ago, Armadillo Technical Institute
Screenshot of Donors Choose project with project description text and title "Keep The Creativity Flowing"
Thanks to Rogue Credit Union volunteers, one of our buildings got a facelift! We couldn't have done it without them.
6 months ago, Rachel Garner
before picture of ATI building
After picture of ATI building
RCU employees painting
Looking for a job? Love animals? Apply at R&R Pet Resort in Phoenix.
6 months ago, Armadillo Technical Institute
Posted written notice for a job
If you plan to graduate this year please join Summer for lunch at the Grange either Thursday 9/14 or Friday 9/15 this week to learn about the new Capstone system replacing Senior Projects as a graduation requirement. although Seniors and early graduates need to attend, everyone is welcome as Armadillos can start to earn Capstone Points in any grade. Pizza will be provided, questions will be answered, resources will be shared. see y'all there! #armadillotech #charterschool #learningbydoing #armadillocapstone
6 months ago, Summer Brandon
stone table in a field "Capstone: a finishing stone to a structure, ATI's new graduation requirement.  Thursday 9/14 & Friday 9/15 @ the Grange during lunch. Learn about the new graduation requirement replacing the senior project. Eat pizza. Get your questions answered.
Have you met Celina (she/her), our science instructor?! "Why do I teach? Because exploring the natural world with my students is the best! I love looking closer, getting curious, questioning, and making connections about the things we encounter, and this is something our young people do naturally. Our students are awesome and I'm lucky to get to work with them."
6 months ago, Rachel Garner
Celina & cat
Have you met Rachel (she/her), Armadillo's new Executive Director? When asked why she went into education she said "to create connections with student's who don't feel like there is an academic future for them because I never felt like I had a future in academics or that my specific talents were valued in school. I want to celebrate every success and do it through saying 'yes' to the crazy ideas because those are the moments where learning is really happening". Stop by the temporary office and say 'hi' to our new Exec.
6 months ago, Rachel Garner
Headshot of Rachel
Check out our September Newsletter for upcoming events, breakfast updates, and donation needs.
6 months ago, Rachel Garner
First Page of Armadillo News September Newsletter
Armadillo Newsletter for September
Tomorrow, Sept 5, is back to school! If you're a Tuesday/Thursday cohort we will see you at 8:30 at the Phoenix Grange (209 N Main St). If you're Wednesday/Friday cohort log onto your google classrooms. Looking forward to seeing you all for another amazing year as Armadillos!
6 months ago, Rachel Garner
Armadillo standing next to writing about bulletproof ability of their shells
Have you met Brian (he/him) - our AMAZING building/gardening/culinary teacher?! "The moment of creation, the original thought, the sudden self realization. Any artist or creative person will tell you these are the most exciting times for them. For me, helping others get to this point is my why. Helping people gain the confidence to look at a challenge and say, 'I can work this out,' Is my why. Showing up for these moments is my why" Come learn something new with Brian and experience your own "AHA" moment
6 months ago, Rachel Garner
Brian wearing a tiny hat
Did you know Jen (she/her) has been an armadillo for over 10 years?! When we asked why Jen teaches she realized "I can only make it six months working a job that does not involve kids before I feel personally unfulfilled." That's love for her work and for every student she interacts with!
6 months ago, Rachel Garner
Picture of Jen
Have you met Summer Brandon (she/her)? She's been an Armadillo for years, but have you asked her WHY?! When I started my MAT program in 2005 I answered a similar question..."Why teach" The bottom line for me is that I want the world I want and teaching/education is how I choose to earn it. I feel like the real question here is why ATI? I choose ATI because I know that traditional systems of education were built to uplift a narrow few, and exclude or squash into submission so many wonderful, wacky and unique people who are capable and smart and have bright futures if they can just get a fair break and support. I think systems should be designed to support people, not the other way around. And I think people who choose to be a community system together, like we do at ATI, need to uplift, challenge and appreciate one another as we prepare ourselves for the next great thing. I think there are hundreds of ways to solve problems when we can be flexible, kind and collaborative and that's what I hope to support at ATI this year with the FLEX program.
6 months ago, Rachel Garner
Summer, FLEX coordinator &  assistant director, smiling
ATI staff are back in action this week planning for an amazing year ahead. We are welcoming new team members that we cant wait for y'all to meet. Keep an eyw out for new face and come meet the team at Ramp Up next week!
6 months ago, Summer Brandon
Three people write on and stack cards on a table.
Two people at a table writing on cards
Three people stand around a table and read/write cards together.