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3 months ago, Rachel Garner
First Page of Armadillo News September Newsletter
Armadillo Newsletter for September
Tomorrow, Sept 5, is back to school! If you're a Tuesday/Thursday cohort we will see you at 8:30 at the Phoenix Grange (209 N Main St). If you're Wednesday/Friday cohort log onto your google classrooms. Looking forward to seeing you all for another amazing year as Armadillos!
3 months ago, Rachel Garner
Armadillo standing next to writing about bulletproof ability of their shells
Have you met Brian (he/him) - our AMAZING building/gardening/culinary teacher?! "The moment of creation, the original thought, the sudden self realization. Any artist or creative person will tell you these are the most exciting times for them. For me, helping others get to this point is my why. Helping people gain the confidence to look at a challenge and say, 'I can work this out,' Is my why. Showing up for these moments is my why" Come learn something new with Brian and experience your own "AHA" moment
3 months ago, Rachel Garner
Brian wearing a tiny hat
Did you know Jen (she/her) has been an armadillo for over 10 years?! When we asked why Jen teaches she realized "I can only make it six months working a job that does not involve kids before I feel personally unfulfilled." That's love for her work and for every student she interacts with!
3 months ago, Rachel Garner
Picture of Jen
Have you met Summer Brandon (she/her)? She's been an Armadillo for years, but have you asked her WHY?! When I started my MAT program in 2005 I answered a similar question..."Why teach" The bottom line for me is that I want the world I want and teaching/education is how I choose to earn it. I feel like the real question here is why ATI? I choose ATI because I know that traditional systems of education were built to uplift a narrow few, and exclude or squash into submission so many wonderful, wacky and unique people who are capable and smart and have bright futures if they can just get a fair break and support. I think systems should be designed to support people, not the other way around. And I think people who choose to be a community system together, like we do at ATI, need to uplift, challenge and appreciate one another as we prepare ourselves for the next great thing. I think there are hundreds of ways to solve problems when we can be flexible, kind and collaborative and that's what I hope to support at ATI this year with the FLEX program.
3 months ago, Rachel Garner
Summer, FLEX coordinator &  assistant director, smiling
ATI staff are back in action this week planning for an amazing year ahead. We are welcoming new team members that we cant wait for y'all to meet. Keep an eyw out for new face and come meet the team at Ramp Up next week!
3 months ago, Summer Brandon
Three people write on and stack cards on a table.
Two people at a table writing on cards
Three people stand around a table and read/write cards together.
Meet Emerson Miller (she/her) - our new ELA teacher! Why am I a high school English teacher? Because I believe in the power of transformative education and in building a strong community of learners. As bell hooks famously wrote in her book Teaching to Transgress, “Home was the place where I was forced to conform to someone else’s image of who and what I should be. School was the place where I could forget that self and, through ideas, reinvent myself." A safe and supportive school environment matters, and for me, that place was in the English classroom. It was there that I read literature that empowered me to build a better world. My hope is to inspire my students to do the same. I believe that the ELA classroom should be radical and thought-provoking. If I can get my students to listen to me play my guitar, then I hope I can also encourage them to read a good book.
4 months ago, Rachel Garner
Headshot picture of Emerson Miller
The first day of classes is quickly approaching. We cannot wait to see our returning students and families, and welcome all the new! Check out the attached Armadillo News.
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Armadillo Newsletter - welcome back events & news for the 23-24 school year
Upcoming school events, download our app, and upcoming opportunities throughout the year
Today our Personal Pathways student leaders got to practice focusing on assets/opportunities and owning our locus of short, being super adaptable and open minded. We visited OSU Cascades campus in Bend where we saw some cool learning spaces including a 360 collaborative classroom designed by MIT, an art studio, and great dorms, and then grabbed some yummy smoothies from Emerald City Smoothie before heading to OSU main campus in Corvallis. We blazed our own self guided tour trail and saw some beautiful buildings, encountered an automated meal delivery robot, and viewed a sweet crafting center in a campus that is really its own city. Along the way we played our own impromptu game of Fear Factor. We braved a super stinky port-a-potty, extracted quite a few prickly pear spines from a person who shall remain anonymous, and changed up our housing for the night on the fly when the road to our Airbnb was closed due to wildfire. Whew! Two more amazing college visits and one more fantastic day to go! #charterschool #charterhighschool #learningroadtrip #armadillotech
4 months ago, Summer Brandon
Four people stand in a hallway looking in a classroom
four people sit in a van holding up cups
two people stand beside a large wood sculpture of OSU beaver mascot
A person watches a small robot meal delivery on a sidewalk
A person holds a prickly pear fruit while another person looks on
two people stand in an art studio near a table of wire sculptures
This week we are bringing back our Personal Pathways program with PY+. So far our student leaders have been certified in CPR/ 1st Aid and AED use, learned leadership practices, created personal budgets, toured two college campuses, floated a river, experienced dorm life, and walked 16,000 steps...and we still have two days to go! By the end of this week these folks will have visited 6 campuses, built new connections and life skills, and gotten a head start on their Career Related Learning Capstones that will prepare them for graduation and their post high school plans. Way to go team! #YouBelongAtArmadillo #charterschool #charterhighschool #learningbydoing
4 months ago, Armadillo Technical Institute
three people stand in front of a backdrop with OIT Klamath Falls and the owl logo
Three people stand inside a building at OIT that has a binary code pattern in the lights
three people float together on a river on inflatable rings.
Have you ever discovered something fun during demolition? We have! It turns out that our Science Lab was originally a house next to the church that became the Big Room and Bat Cave. And we found a log left behind in the Art room fireplace from the duplex conversion. Surprises!
4 months ago, Armadillo Technical Institute
Interior of building with walls framed exposing an old hidden exterior wall.
old fireplace with partially burned log exposed behind wall frame.
Our elected PRIDE club leaders are enjoying the first day of their leadership retreat. Over the next few days they will connect with community leaders, experience PDX Pride, explore the city of Portland, and plan for next year. Today this crew drove up to Portland, enjoyed the dlights of Burgerville and Sizzle Pie Pizza, explored Powell's Books, and saw some bridges at the waterfront to close out the day. #ArmadilloCharterSchool #YouBelongAtArmadillo #ArmadilloPride
5 months ago, Armadillo Technical Institute
three people stand along Columbia River waterfront with bridges in the background
Four people sit on a bench showing books
ATI has a new APP (available for Apple and Android). It has News, updates, events and everything you need to enroll at ATI. For ATI students, staff and families a messaging feature will be added soon to replace ClassTag! Download the app today to get all our updates!
5 months ago, Armadillo Technical Institute
Important Announcement: ATI has a new App available for Apple and Android. Screenshot of the ATI app home screen.
Renovations are ramping up at ATI in July. Chexk out the views from today...
5 months ago, Armadillo Technical Institute
Exterior wall being removed with picnic table in front
Old main entrance double.doors open with walls marked for demo inside
Help us Rename the Armadillo! Click the link, read the descriptions, and cast your vote!
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Curled up armadillo with speech bubble stating "hello, my name is"
ATI is under construction this summer to remodel ans update two of our buildings. It's an exciting time here! Walls are coming down, flooring is coming up, and everything has been moved out. Keep an eye out for more updates Thanks to @AuslandGroup for helping us make it happen!
5 months ago, Summer Brandon
Fencing around ATI building with ATI banner hanging.
wall framing inside garage with drywall removed
Big room interior with two walls without drywall
Inside empty science room with adult posed with arms outstretched.
outside blue wood sign with construction images posted
Come see us at Medford Pride tomorrow (Saturday 6/24/23) at Pear Blossom Park 12-6pm for our FREE photobooth, FREE D20 dice game for SWAG, and Tie-Dye bandanas, shirts and take-home kits for sale. Bring your inclusive, supportive and joyous vibes to our booth and say hi!
5 months ago, Armadillo Technical Institute
tie-dye print with Armadillo logo that says "come out come out, Armadillo Pride"
The Spring BBQ was hosted yesterday by Brian and the culinary/gardens class. It was super tasty and a fun time together! This community time celebrated the hard work of students and staff so far this year and fueled us for a strong finish to the 22-23 school year.
6 months ago, Summer Brandon
students lined up outside to get food.
staff serving grilled food outside to students
Hey ATI Graduates - Graduation tickets are now ready for pick up at the ATI office! Each grad gets 10 tickets. You may request extra tickets starting 5/28. Graduation is at Rose Theater (inside Phoenix High School), June 9th 6:00pm. Doors open at 5:30.
6 months ago, Armadillo Technical Institute
White Text on Navy Background: Graduation Tickets Now Ready To Pick Up - See Amanda In The Office (All Student Fees Must Be Paid To Pick Up Tickets). Image of event ticket says 23rd Annual Armadillo Technical Institute Graduation: Admin One
We made a table shaped like a fish for fun, and today someone added the gills, tail and an eye. Our people are the best!
6 months ago, Summer Brandon
Inside a classroom, three tables together to make a fish shape with drawing on them.